V3 Manual Search - unable select some files for download - selects item higher up

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OS: Win 7 & win 10
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I have had this issue for some time, but have been able to work around it until now. I have a show that I am trying to select a source from a manual search. Everything works, except I can only select SOME of the files, the others it is like the mouse click position is always off and it selects a file higher up in the list. See video for example of clicking on #4 and #2 is what is launched…

I have this issue on Chrome browser on win 7 machine running sonarr, and it happens on my win 10 machine connected it. I am unable to get IE, Firefox on the win 7 box to work.

Any ideas? I can add logs if you think that is helpful, I am just curious if anyone else has this issue

Ok, where can I upload a short mp4 to show you?

Google drive, Dropbox, youtube, etc.

Are you seeing this behaviour in other browsers too? I’ve never seen this in Chrome in the years I’ve used Sonarr in it and can’t think of any way this would even be possible.

i’ve seen something similar but only when i RDP into a machine and the screen resolution glitches when i make it full windowed

Yes, this is when I RDP to the virtual machine, but it ALSO happens on my machine’s browser (not RDP, just connect to the webpage.) This is also just as a window, not maximized RDP /RES change.

Video example: https://vimeo.com/343940715

add bar rescue and try downloading s06e25 - back to school

yep, that looks like the issue i had. the mouse isnt actually where it is, its off vertically. when you clicked it looked like the item two above got clicked instead.

once you know the offset you can work around it but its annoying

typically i just resized the RDP window a couple of times until it came back into sync but if its happening on your desktop then im not sure.

unless its a VM thing? all my RDP sessions are from inside a VM (win 8 via vmware player). what are you using? windows hypervisor might make your desktop a VM (i cant remember if it does that or not)

Is this a general issue or only sonarr? Do you have to click “below” everything or only in the sonarr browser window?

Sonarr is the ONLY time I have ever had this problem. and it happens on ALL manual searches. It has always been that way. I thought, like you, it was a RDP problem, but now that I replicated it on my main system , latest win 10, browsing TO the VM running sonarr , win 7 Hyper-V, it is something with the webpage itself.

i am UNABLE to offset the mouse to click on anything except the top 2 items. On other series, all the links work except the 4th item? strage

I’ve used Manual/Interactive search since we added it to Sonarr over 5 years ago, I’ve never seen this happen and I don’t recall anyone ever reporting this as an issue before.

Try incognito mode (and make sure all plugins are disabled), this sounds like a plugin more than anything else.

I am unable to get IE, Firefox on the win 7 box to work.

IE won’t work, Edge will, but IE 11 (and older) is ancient in terms of functionality, we’re not going to support it. Firefox should work just fine as long as it’s not some ancient version.

I MUST use manual / interactive daily… I have hundreds of shows that either download partially or just sit at 0%. I have to select all, blacklist them and force the app to find another source. It must be that I watch shows that are less popular or are older… Additionally, I ALWAYS have shows that show they were already imported but still remain in my finished folder. I have to manually import them, then they are removed from the finished folder.

I also have to manage my indexers daily, deleting any that timeout or delay the search process, otherwise the mass-update of the 100s of shows that I didn’t download will take forever to complete.

I have tried asking about these in the past, but I don’t seem to get an good answers to the problems. I assume this perhaps is due to my using a NAS like destination (media folder is on host VM, sonarr/torrent running on VP protected by VPN) and perhaps antivirus getting in the way or the like…

note: I say daily, but really I search for new sources on a weekly or 3+ days in case it starts working. the app shows seeds, but the seeds either won’t connect, are fake, or the like. I assumed perhaps that is due to using PIA and the IP addresses are banned?? dunno. it just sucks, and I can’t download without a VPN, so…
If there is a better way, it would be GREATLY appreciated to remove all the manual work daily!

Any thoughts / help is greatly appreciated!

I am testing using incognito - what a great idea! - nope. same issue on my win 10 machine. damn

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