V3 gui quirks (and a stupid forum thread subject limit)


Sonarr version (exact version) :
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows) :
OS : Synology DSM 6.2 - Docker - lsiodev/sonarr-preview

the shutdown option doesnt seem to actually work. it seems to just restart instead.
trace logs: https://pastebin.com/8s3qZZW2

on that, could we have some mouseover text to explain what that person icon and the heart icon does (yes i worked out its the donate page but i had no idea what it did)

on the quality definitions page for v2 you used to be able to click on the little slider tabs and then use the left/right arrow keys to make small (3mb) increments, this functionality seems to no longer exist in v3 (you cant really do anything with the circles except drag them). any chance we can have that back? or is there an alternative?

note - really, i have to use 15 non trivial characters minimum for a thread subject?

process question - do you want v3 bugs/issues here or in the v2 github?


It works, but something in the container is likely restarting it.

It’ll depend on the library, not sure. You can enable advanced settings and change the exact values in the input boxes.

Yes, for spam reasons I assume. Generally it’s not a problem.

Here, as mentioned in the forum post announcing the v3 alpha. It’s not a “v2” github, it’s the same repo/


not sure how i missed the advanced settings were off - thanks, those are perfect


sonarr version

setting the quality definition size limit values directly works fine except in one instance.

if the min is set to say 2 and i want to set the max to 25 then it locks as soon as i enter 2. you cant enter anything or use the up.down buttons after that happens

same thing if you set the max to the same value as the min using just the up/down buttons, it locks up

i just noticed that you can move the min value so you can get it to work again that way but if they end up the same it can do weird things


Yeah, something is off there, I’ll have to take a look.


Additional Gui Quirk:

The “Page Size” setting (for every page I have tried it on) is fun. Since it dynamically refreshes after every key stroke, it prevents you from changing the value to anything <5 or >250 and refreshed to the last valid state.


  • Arrows: These work of course, but it takes me far less time to type a 1-3 digit number.
  • Highlight the entire number and type over it: Fails when trying to type any of the following: 1-4 (of course); 10-49; 100+ because you cannot change the value to anything <5 with the first keystroke
  • Use numbers, delete, and backspace: This is fun: from the default of 20, you cannot delete either the 2 or the 0 unless you add a number first, and you can only add them like so: [0-2]20 or 2[0-5]0 or 20[0-9]. So, if I want 45. I have to do the following: 20 > (240 or 204) > 24 > 245 > 45; or 20 > (250 or 205) > 5 > 45. lol :grin: It’s like a game.

And it is just as bad going back to 20:
(75 -> 20) 75 > (7 or 5) > (27 or 25) > (207, 250, or 205) > 20

(Edited to fix a bullet: missed the space)

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