V3 Beta repository for Debian 10.2/Buster

The website lists Debian repositories for Jessie and Stretch, but not for Buster.
For Stretch it is "deb https://apt.sonarr.tv/debian stretch main"

What repository should i use to install V3 on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspbian Buster / 10.2 ?

Thank you!

I use this one - “deb https://apt.sonarr.tv/debian buster main”

If you want to update it as a package - “deb https://apt.sonarr.tv/debian buster-develop main”

Thank you! I see now why it wasn’t working, i had typed butser main :man_facepalming:t3:

What do you mean by

update it as a package

What is the difference to the other one?

First one it updates through Sonarr GUI. With second one it updates debian way when you update through apt.

@ieti thank you for explaining :slight_smile:

I installed with the first one, do you know if it’s possible to modify to the second one now (while sonarr is already installed) to start updating through apt from now on?

You just need to change the line in sources.list and do “apt update && apt upgrade”

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