Usenet completed downloads not being processed

Package: by (docker)
Debug logs:!Au_FJ2xla0hWk61Xdm5eldCnW1-cSA
Description of issue:

The “check for finished download” task never completes. While this task is running Sonarr continues to successfully search for and add new episodes to NZBGet but then fails to process them once download is complete.

If I manually delete all the completed items from NZBGet and restart Sonarr it will successfully complete the “check for finished download” tasks and often work as expected for several days. Until it once again gets hung up. This leads me to believe that Sonarr is choking on one or more of the video files it encounters.

In the debug logs provided you can see where Sonarr says it is attempting to move a file:

19-5-16 17:14:48.3|Debug|EpisodeFileMovingService|Moving episode file: /media/downloads/usenet/sonarr/Fantasy.Island.S07E22.TVRip.DD2.0.H.264-BTN-AsRequested/4443b33c8c5a4b27b35d41961859f041.mkv to /media/loki_plex/tv/Fantasy Island (1977)/Season 7/Fantasy Island.s07e22.Surrogate Mother + The Ideal Woman.SDTV.x264 AC3.BTN.mkv
19-5-16 17:14:48.3|Debug|DiskTransferService|Move [/media/downloads/usenet/sonarr/Fantasy.Island.S07E22.TVRip.DD2.0.H.264-BTN-AsRequested/4443b33c8c5a4b27b35d41961859f041.mkv] > [/media/loki_plex/tv/Fantasy Island (1977)/Season 7/Fantasy Island.s07e22.Surrogate Mother + The Ideal Woman.SDTV.x264 AC3.BTN.mkv]

However, the completed file is never moved, imported, or cleared from NZBGet, and I see no errors reported in the log.

I have confirmed that sonarr has r/w access to both the destination and NZBGet download complete folders. All permissions (folder/file/user/group) match what is expected and has been in place and working unchanged for eons under v2.

Interestingly, when I check the NZBGet download complete folder I see that a *.backup~ file has been created, but otherwise I’m not finding any other actions having taken place on the filesystem.

This has happened enough times now, and across multiple different random shows, that I could use some help determining if this is a bug or configuration issue with my system. I also turned on trace logging but that didn’t seem to report anything further related to the file move.

Alright, after spending some time tailing the debug log I can say for certain that it has something to do with the specific files or how they or their folders are named. Not sure which. I’ve added two examples to the onedrive link with the debug logs.

If I move the offending file outside the download folder and restart sonarr it will move on to the next and continue to process the rest of the download queue as expected.

Also, sonarr has to be restarted for it to begin processing the queue again for downloads. It does not seem to recover on its own.

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