Use a tag to add an offset to runtimes of episodes per series

Often shows are released way later than what TVDB claims. Maybe there have been cases where it’s earlier too? I have not witnessed such a case myself.

I was wondering if a tag could be added per series for delaying/fastening the runtime on the calendar by X hours and Y mins. For example, tag: onehour would add one hour to the run time of each episode in that series.

So it would be run time from TVDB + an offset.
Sonarr already works perfectly for me and this would just be a small tweak that would make the airtime more accurate, as I use the Sonarr calendar a lot.

You mean adjust the calendar timezone basically ?

No, not really. The timezone is correct for all the series I have. The problem is that TVDB episode runtime is a little early by an hour or two. The episode is really available later. An offset would correct it easily because the difference remains constant.

Runtime is the length of an episode? You mean the start time of the series?

Which show? TVDB goes off based on the network it’s airing in and then that gets adjusted back to your local time

Converted to CDT


It’'s airtime and airdate. In both cases you mention where the show either airs early or later it gets grabbed. I’ve seen where TVDB has a show listed for say Monday but it won’t actually air till Wendays, it just goes under wanted till it actually airs. As for something airing early Sonarr will grab it early. Case in point The Walking Dead: World Beyond S02E01 dropped a week early and Sonarr grabbed it then even though TVDB had it listed for 10032021.I’m using Torrent, can’t speak to UseNet.

Hello, I digged into this a bit more. It’s the airtime I am talking about sorry for using runtime earlier my bad. So my use case is mainly for Anime and TVDB is acutally doing a perfect job with the network’s airtime and its reported correctly in my Sonarr too. The issue is that these shows are released with English subtitles an hour or two later by their English licensors like Crunchyroll. So the real airtime shifts a bit for the English speaking crowd. The tag method I mentioned might be able to allow us to adjust to that.

@jigsaw You are absolutely correct. The lack of what I am requesting does not break the core functionality of Sonarr in anyway for me. As I said earlier it works perfectly. This is a request to make the Sonarr calendar a bit more customisable so as to get more accurate airtime.

Don’t think there are any plans to add manual adjustments to the airtime…it has no bearing on sonarr and there are thousands of other apps and sites that exist for maintaining a calendar of episodes to watch

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