URL base for sabnzbd

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I’m having some issues setting up a downloader in Sonarr, it won’t let me enter the URL to sabnzbd (http://media.home/sabnzbd). Note that I have sabnzbd behind a proxy (running in a kubernetes cluster) so it is using port 80.

The error I am seeing is:
Test was aborted due to an error: Unable to connect to SABnzbd, The operation has timed out.: 'http://media.home/sabnzbd:80/api?mode=get_config&apikey=

It looks like it’s concatenating the hostname and port. I don’t have an option for entering a base URL for sabnzbd in sonarr, should there be one or should it parse the hostname field?

Please see the wiki -> settings page or just turn on advanced options

Presumably it’s appending the port to what you’re inputting as the incorrect host name.

Base url is an advanced option

Amazing thank you. Although I should’ve figured that out for myself!