Upon episode download, turn status to unmonitored?

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OS: Windows 10
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I would like Sonarr to behave this way:

  1. I have a series of shows that I want to download.
  2. A new episode is downloaded.
  3. I watch it via Plex and delete it.
  4. I do not want Sonarr to ever attempt another download of this episode again, regardless of quality.

I have my cutoffs set up and first download is fine. If I never delete the episode I think it is fine as well. But if I delete it, Sonarr seems to think that I need yet another copy of it and downloads it when it sees it again. Is there some type of setting that says that when this is successfully downloaded once, never try it again?

I can turn the monitoring status off and that will do it. But I am attempting to set something up that doesn’t need to be managed after each episode of each show is downloaded. I would think there might be a setting that turns the status of an episode to unmonitored after it downloads, but I can’t seem to find such a thing. If not, maybe a plug in?

Any help appreciated.

In Media Management > File Management

Ignore Deleted Episodes
Episodes deleted from disk are automatically unmonitored in Sonarr

Thank you so much. I dont know how I missed that.

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