Upgrading episodes with specific criteria


This may have been asked somewhere, but I was unable to find anything related to this:

Right now, I have a show downloading a new episode at 720p/1080p no matter what the codec or audio is. This way, I can watch the show usually the same day it airs.

What I would like to be able to do is later replace that file with one that meets specific criteria. I would want to ultimately end up with a 1080p x265 with 5.1 audio.

I know of certain groups that will meet this criteria, but they usually don’t show up for a few days. I could add tags, but from what I see the tags are on the show level, so they would be in effect from the start and the first download would never happen.

I don’t see a way to create specific qualities or add tags to qualities to where I could use it in the cutoff list, which I would think would accomplish this.

Is there another way to accomplish this that I am missing?

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Not possible currently.


Ok, let me know if you see any underlying issue with what I am trying. What I have done is create another instance of sonarr running on a virtual machine with just the shows that I want with the specific criteria. I’m using multiple “must contain” words to accomplish this. I have the series pointing to the same folder as the other machine, so it should realize that an episode is there, know the cutoff has not been met, and look for episodes that would fit my profile and criteria.

I take it that the 12 hour scan on both instances of sonarr will pick up when an episode has been added or updated.

Does anyone see anything that would cause issues with doing it this way?




The cutoff is based on the quality of the episode file in that case. If your expecting your must contain words to apply, they won’t. If they did they could cause upgrades to existing files if they weren’t contained in the sorted file names.

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