Upgraded Sonarr, now can't point it to RAID folder

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Centos 7

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I upgraded my version of Sonarr tonight on a system that I (frankly) don’t know much about (a friend set it up for me ages ago).

I am trying to configure the new Sonarr install, but can’t seem to point it to my storage folder. Filepath for that is /raid/Media/

There I have folders named /raid/Media/TV, /raid/Media/SAB/complete, /raid/Media/SAB/incomplete, and /raid/Media/NZBs that are all relevant to my Sonarr operation.

Any help you can offer would be SUPER-appreciated! Thanks!


Not a sonarr issue. This is actually Linux 101 issue

Basic Linux permissions and ownership

The user / group sonarr runs as needs read and write access to your library folders, its own app folder, your app data folder set for sonarr, and the download client’s folders.

Also you cannot be running v3 and have that service file. You should delete the old v2 service file and ensure you’re in v3. To change the user sonarr runs as you edit with dpkg as per the installation instructions

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When I run “dpkg-reconfigure sonarr” I get “-bash: dpkg-reconfigure: command not found.”

I am running Centos and have found that it doesn’t run like the other distros that have tutorials readily available for them.

Do you know how to work around this?

Niche OS means niche support
You’ll have to figure out how sonarr is installed and configured to run in centos

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