Upgrade media within the same quality group

Currently, Sonarr does not upgrade a media file if it belongs to the same quality group. This has been brought up in the past here but I feel like it’s worth bringing up again. I will give an example of a common situation which supports the addition of this feature.

I am scanning 2 indexers looking for 1080p Bluray files for a TV show. Both indexers are returning results, but one indexer has significantly higher quality files so Sonarr chooses these (5GB vs 1GB). Midway through grabbing files for a season, the indexer goes offline so Sonarr no longer sees the 5GB files. As a result, it chooses the 1GB files thinking they’re the best release available. The indexer comes back online an hour later but when Sonarr checks for upgrades later on and sees the 5GB file, it doesn’t grab it because it already has a file within the same quality group. This is obviously not ideal. Files should be upgraded within the same quality group as long as the file does not pass the limits defined in the quality definition settings.

I find it frustrating that Sonarr seems to prioritize quality group labels like Bluray 1080p or WEB-DL over more meaningful metrics such as file size. There is a massive difference in quality that can be found between releases labeled as being the same quality group. You are essentially stuck with the first successfully downloaded file within a quality group unless a PROPER is released. This is why I think it’s so important that this functionality be implemented. As a picky media collector, I think this is the biggest thing missing from Sonarr at the moment. I have spent a great amount of time going through my files and making sure Sonarr hasn’t stuck me with random bitstarved files that it will never upgrade. This feature would prevent me from having to do this which would just be swell.

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile: