Update broke imprts and future updates

Sonarr version
Mono version
Ubuntu 18.04:
**https://pastebin.com/039v9U4b **:
Description of issue:

Update installed automatically, but apparently now has a bug.
Upon startup, or during use, while trying to monitor and import video files the pasted debug log error occurs.
This prevents the ‘Process Monitored Downloads’ task from completing (it just starts and never stops).
This prevents me from using the GUI based update button (the task to update never updates).

I would like to know where I can get the “Version” deb file so i can manually installl from console. I can’t find that update anywhere on the internet and don’t want to uninstall everything just to re-install from source.

Is it possible to get a location to download the latest developmental DEB package.


sonarr.tv has all the available packages.

The Sonarr.tv page doesn’t have links to individual packages.

The Download v3 Beta section DOES have instructions for Ubuntu…but those instuctions only say how to install the main-stream versions of the program. The instructions do not detail how to install the latest ‘beta developmental’ version. The linux header gives instructions for “jessie main”.

What i need is the way to install “phantom-develop” from the console and that does not appear to be on the sonarr.tv page.

A bit further under the “alternatives for advanced users”

packages provided are used to configure the systemd unit, adding users and permissions. However the built-in updater is used for subsequent application updates. The package itself is only updated if changes are made to the required dependencies or install/configuration scripts.

So install the v3 package, then in sonarr’s options switch to the phantom-develop branch and let sonarr update itself :slight_smile:

So…I do have Sonarr set up, via the GUI, to auto-update.
And I am currently running the v3 package.

The problem is…the self update does not work because of the above mentioned bug. So I can’t “let sonarr update itself”. The self update option is broken.

I need to ‘update’ from the command line/console. And the instructions above do not give the “source” for getting the developmental packages.

I promise…I’ve crawled through that page and the source for those packages is just not there.

Hazzah…i found this…UNDOCUMENTED…anywhere by per chance. So for anyone else who is having this problem where the Dev branch of Sonarr can’t auto-update via the GUI…the following will add the dev branch to apt-get for console updates. The point to note is the source path for ‘deb’ is “bionic-develop”, not just “bionic” as is stated on the sonarr.tv page

echo “deb https://apt.sonarr.tv/ubuntu bionic-develop main” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sonarr.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade sonarr

It’s actually mentioned on the v3 download page where Thirrian linked, it’s for advanced users only that want to use apt exclusively rather than the built in updater.

I’m still working on the 3.0.4 package coz I need to up the mono dependency too.

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