Update all button with filters

So when your on the series page. and you have a filter set to missing episodes, then you click on update all it will scan all series that you have in sonarr. i want to so that if i have it on missing episodes and i click on update all it will only scan only missing episodes, then manually change my filter to all and then click on update all to scan all the series.

Package Version by linuxserver.io

What would be the use? (Genuinely curious :slight_smile:)

less time hitting the server with all that load scanning all the files to see what new or different.
Quicker - Kinda the same as the first one. lol :smiley:
i have a lot of tv shows 235 to be exact that 18,038 files that a lot where it could only be searching a lot less going back to it being quicker and being less time less power :smiley:

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