Unrar files after download

This would be very helpful to have this process built into Sonarr. That way you can unrar and then once the process is complete, move the files as needed. I have a custom script that runs after the download, but should this fail (which it did to my own fault) it would be nice to have Sonarr kick that script off and import on completion.

Unrarring content is expected to be done by your download client.

If you’re going to use a script or tool to do this, make sure that your torrent client doesn’t report the download as “ready to import” yet while you are unrarring, and unrarred files appear instantly in the directory where sonarr expects files (e.g. unrar in a temp directory on the same volume and move the file once completed).

Yes, I understand that concept about making sure the download doesn’t “end” without completing that script. Transmission has this pretty easily. However, I think it would be good for a method for the product to check or do this work.

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