Unmonitor once grabbed

Hey, sorry if this has already been requested as a feature, unless the wording was different I couldn’t really see another request like it.

I was hoping it would be considered to have a setting to unmonitor episodes once it has been grabbed, I (and a bunch of people I know) use Sonarr remotley, seedbox/VPS or whatever and then have a local version also. So on the remote instance of Sonarr the episodes never get imported and constantly show as being monitored despite being downloaded to the local instance of Sonarr.

Having all those wanted episodes showing on the remote instance is a little annoying, especially if I think an episode has been missed and I need to track back, I just had to do it a moment ago and it then had me second guessing and ended up manually checking about six shows. I don’t really want to have to manually go in and set those episodes to unmonitored. Having a tick box option somewhere would give people like myself the option while not making things difficult for others.

Hope that was clear and this can be considered. Thank you.

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