Unable to remove torrent from rTorrent - but why?


When adding rTorrent as a download client, it says

Sonarr is unable to remove torrents that have finished seeding when using rTorrent

Okay, after using Sonarr with rTorrent for a couple of days I can confirm this, but why? rTorrent is highly configurable, if needed I can grant whatever permission to rtorrent/sonarr, and frankly, from the rutorrent GUI I’m very much capable of removing torrents and deleting the files with a single - ok, 2 - click. What seems to be the obstacle to do said thing? It’s really counterproductive from an automating service that I have to manually remove every single torrent.

As a feature request, please make this work. d.erase removes the torrent, and since Sonarr can copy the downloaded file, it sure knows where it is, so it can also delete it.

Just for added info: I’ve set ruTorrent to put all Sonarr downloads into a Ratio Group which immediately stops the torrent after it finished downloading. In the end, the torrent isn’t running anymore, one less thing to worry about regarding auto-remove.


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