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Description of issue: Currently have 2 x 2019 shows
(1) War of the worlds 2019
(2) The war of the worlds 2019 -> which have alternate titles as war of the worlds 2019

this seems to cause a conflict on searching episodes for (1) it reports it as invalid series, and it looks like it will also replace already existing episodes for (2) once it downloads.

Please advise how to manage alternate names? It does not seem to be on XEM on on the google forms source?

You don’t remove them, you only need one of those series. Pretty sure War of the worlds 2019 has been removed from TheTVDB and you should remove it from Sonarr.

Both those aliases are in the forms doc.

it is two separate shows

3 episode mini-series (believe all three is available)

8 episode still airing (2 already aired)

i cant see on the forms that there is a Scene alternate which cross matches the two?


line 922 seems to be the cuplrit

10/29/2019 19:33:36 348204 War.of.the.Worlds.2019.S01E03.iNTERNAL.MULTi.720p.WEB.H264-CiELOS-xpost The War of the Worlds

Yeah, big confusion on those two series, nice of them to be named virtually the same. I’ve removed the entry, it’ll be removed the next time the series refresh/the scene mappings are updated.

You need to add https://www.thetvdb.com/series/war-of-the-worlds-2019

(has 2019 added to the title as it should since it’s the exact same name as the 80’s series otherwise).

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