Unable to get SSL to work with Sonarr

Sonarr Version:
Mono Version:
FreeNAS 11.2 (FreeBSD)
Debug Logs: PasteBin of Debug Logs

Description of issue:
I have followed directions on this to the letter.

  • Converted .key to pvk
  • Imported key /cert using httpcfg -add
  • Configured Sonarr to use SSL on 9898

I look at the logs and they look clean. (See linked debug logs above)

OwinHostController reports listening on https://*:9898

However, when I hit https://:9898 I get ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can supply to help diagnose the issue… Pulling my hair out on this one… Thanks in advance.

note: this is what i get with httpcfg -list:

Port: 9898 Thumbprint: 067294A9FC31F4023A1018BC83319EF971149886

Also, sonarr is running in its own iocage jail.

I haven’t tried to setup SSL in Sonarr under mono in a long time and the general recommendation is use a reverse proxy instead of fighting with it. Our goal is to improve this, but requires changing the webserver and not something that will happen any time soon.

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