Unable to find tvdb:71663 (the simpsons)

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Unraid
Debug logs:
Description of issue: When searching for the simpsons I’m getting no results. I think the issue is that even the tvdb api is returning 404 for it? Yet the ID should be correct as per: https://thetvdb.com/series/the-simpsons

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I got noticed of that too and a lot of others…

Series The Simpsons (tvdbid 71663), Kamen Rider (tvdbid 74096), Fear the Walking Dead: The Althea Tapes (tvdbid 371216), Marvel’s Spider-Man (tvdbid 329456), Ultraman (tvdbid 73567), Van Helsing (tvdbid 308772), Millennium (2010) (tvdbid 348797), Titans (2018) (tvdbid 341663) were removed from TheTVDB

Also a lot of my pictures are showing Hebrew or Russian now, could this be related to the API issues that TVDB working on?

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Experiencing the same, some shows cannot be found and many posters suddenly show russian posters instead of english.

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I just noticed the same as well for quite a few shows with the tvdb id issue and a bunch of shows with russian covers now (or just covers that i have no idea what they are).

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I too have an issue similar to this. I made a post here because I didn’t think the Simpsons post here was the same. Here is my post: TVDB database error message on Sonarr after latest update?

To me it seems to have happened around the time of the latest update but that is not to say it is Sonarr’s fault because this program has been a godsend and has worked like a champ.

Yup - API issue as others have stated - here are some links and apparently it has been happening for a few days but it just decided to hit me with the Russian and Hebrew artwork or black background with white letters for some artwork.


English artwork was downloaded upon a “update all” in my installation. :slight_smile: Seems the issue with art is resolved.

Update all or restarting the application gets the English back. They applied a fix last night.

Now let’s hope we can get TVMAZE et al as a backup or switch to main :slight_smile:


There are topics dating back years about alternatives, i simply think that is a pipe dream at this point bud.

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Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: windows 10
Description of issue: I am getting this error :
Series Parks and Recreation (tvdbid 84912), Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (tvdbid 348545) were removed from TheTVDB

However both are still present on tvdb with the same id

same error here:
Series Hawaii Hunters (tvdbid 368329), Shocking Emergency Calls (tvdbid 366409), Human Discoveries (tvdbid 365414) were removed from TheTVDB

but the series are available in tvdb:

any update about this situation? thanks!

Those are API errors on tvdb’s end and will fix themself in time (how much time is dependant on tvdb developers)

Seems worth raising again given how badly The TVDB has messed up this update. It can clearly not be trusted to be reliable.

I think, after all the problems with TVDB, the developers should look at alternatives.

All the problems I had with shows with the recent update had cleared, but now have come back again. The shows exist on TVDB, but when searching from them via Sonarr, they don’t. Weird.

Three of the five series that were shown as deleted for me this morning have now come back after a manual refresh (earlier attempts didn’t work), but the other two are still showing as deleted, although Sonarr’s links to the TVDB still lead to their existing pages on the TVDB’s website.

I’m wondering if the long delay before the shows can be successfully refreshed and no longer show as deleted is related to the rather lengthy time it takes for new TVDB data to make it into Sonarr’s cache. Is Sonarr actually caching the error, thus not allowing it to be corrected until the cache for that series is refreshed, usually hours later?

Well olliebean you can ask “markus101” but as he has not posted in here, that might speak for its self.

Skyhook does cache that it’s removed (based on the response from TheTVDB) until it can get updated info from the TVDB API, the problemis is TVDB’s API is caching very aggressively and it can take hours before Skyhook gets updated information.

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Yikes, all the posts about an alternative, ignored again :\ So that should clearly sum that request up without any misunderstanding.

It’s something we’ve talked about, but it’s complicated, both to implement and transition to. The alternatives themselves in our research are not direct replacements either, everyone likes to shit on TheTVDB for this or that, but they still have the most number of shows and the most translations.

A panicked move to another metadata provider isn’t going to happen and comments on it is just noise among the legitimate issues at this point.

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I looked at the code and can see how it would not be a simple change. However I’m also not saying a replacement as then you are still relying on one option. Multiple sources as most other things do & have done because of the BS with TVDB is the suggestion. Global setting for source or show by show setting. Also different image source options would be great.

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Agreeing with Austin. I can tell you, before moving/learning about Sonarr and Radarr, that when using FileBot I often had to go to TVMAZE to get a series/episode of a show because the TVDB version either picked the wrong one/year or couldn’t find it. Multiple options and sources are great and a failover or 2 would be the best approach (redundancy) if it were all possible. I love Sonarr, it is the best thing I have found that I never knew I needed and I thank my co-worker for telling me about it. So thanks for all that y’all do :slight_smile: