Unable to find/add series License to drill


Sonarr Version
Mono Version
OS Linux

‘License to drill’ (not the Lousiana version) does not appear when attempting to add a new series.

The series exists on thetvdb, but is not present on tract.
Have not been able to find any way to work around that issue.

I also have a problem when adding ‘License to drill Lousiana’, it gets added but it does not show any seasons or episodes at all.


Not sure why License To Drill doesn’t return the expected result (probably some abnormality with TheTVDB API), but you can add it by the ID. Just search for tvdbid:250622 (this works for any series).

Because no one has added any episodes on TheTVDB. https://www.thetvdb.com/series/license-to-drill-louisiana/seasons/all


Thank you, that was very helpful :smile:
I had heard I could add series by id, but did not know it needed a prefix, but it worked perfectly with the prefix.

I might have to look into contributing to thetvdb :slight_smile:

Again, thank you!

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