Unable to download from BTN/qBittorrent


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): 5.18.1
OS: ArchLinux
Debug logs:
Description of issue:
I’m doing a search for BTN and hitting download and I see:

19-4-9 08:45:12.6|Warn|SonarrErrorPipeline|Invalid request Validation failed:
– ‘Download Allowed’ should be equal to ‘True’.

and it has a red cloud and doesn’t send to my torrent client.

I’ve tested from Radarr and that works fine with the same config. Not sure what I’m missing with that error though.


Same here, running latest v3 that was updated last night, ver windows 10.

Here is the error i’m seeing:

Invalid request Validation failed:
– ‘Download Allowed’ should be equal to ‘True’.


That’s a good point as I didn’t share that as well. I was working correctly until it refreshed last night.


i have this problem too, using nzbget and deluge with various indexer
sonarr version :
it only happen with interactive search, no problem with search with monitored (the one with magnifying glass icon).


The validation was checking fro something the UI doesn’t send to the server when grabbing a release through Interactive Search, pushed a fix which will be live whenever the build server is done with it.


Installed the fix and all is back to normal - thanks so much for the lightning fast turnaround on that!


Awesome, thank you!

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