"Unable to connect" to SABnzbd on a mac - firewall?


Sonarr version (Fresh Download):
Mono version (Fresh Download):
OSMac OS X Yosemite:

Brand new user, having problems getting sonarr to connect to SABnzbd. I had a similar challenge connecting CouchPotato as well… the test would fail to connect.

My host is set to on both applications
My port is 8080
My username and password is correct
And I have both running on the same computer.

I’ve googled around a little and it seems like the suggestion is that a firewall might be blocking the connection.
So here is the dumb question… I’m on a basically factory settings iMac and haven’t installed any firewall. In the security and privacy settings, the firewall is switched off. Is there anything else that might be (or anyway I can check if something is) blocking the connection?


Change the log level to debug, clear the logs, click the test button in the download client configuration panel in sonarr again and check the logs in the appdata directory. There should be some more information in there. Please upload the logs somewhere in plain text format (hastebin or something like that) :slight_smile:

(“fresh download” is also not very helpful as a version number for both sonarr and mono. Tomorrow this might be different already.)


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