Unable to Authenticate to Transmission


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Synology DSM (Dockerized)
Debug logs: https://pastebin.com/RYu8QZrG
Description of issue:

I recently rebuilt my Transmission container in docker, and am trying to get it re-connected to Sonarr (and Radarr, in a related issue). I’ve confirmed that the credentials that I’m entering into Sonarr are correct, but regardless, it gives an authentication error.


It’s working now, can be closed.


For the sake of people searching for the same issue, would you mind explaining:

  1. The cause of the problem
  2. How you figured out / verified it
  3. How you fixed it

Thanks :sunglasses:


To be frank, I don’t honestly know. I think it updated, and whatever was happening, well, stopped. Wish I could be of more help, though.

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