Unable To Add New Series to Sonarr After Updating


Sonarr version
Mono version 3.10.0:
FreeNAS FreeNAS-11.1-U2:
Description of issue: After updating to the latest version of Sonarr, I can no longer add new series. I keep getting weird errors saying my file paths are not valid *nix file paths, which is not true. Right now it complains about an irrelevant series I have, and if I try removing that series it will just complain about some other random series… instead of adding the new series I’m trying to add. No series is able to be added.


Is the leading / a different unicode character that looks the same?
Perhaps an OS language/keyboard setting?

I don’t recall any recent changes to Sonarr that validate the path more than recent previous versions.

That’s pretty old, probably best to look at upgrading to 5.0+ if possible, lot’s of improvements since 3.10 came out.


Thanks markus101. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to upgrade mono in the jail. I ran pkg update && pkg upgrade, but it did not upgrade mono. I’m sure this is a very noob question, but what is the command to upgrade mono in a FreeBSD terminal? I’m googling to no success.


Sorry, no clue.


No worries. I think I’m just going to abandon this current installation, as I’m trying to manually update a dated templated FreeNAS plugin. I’m just going to restart with a fresh jail and install Sonarr manually using an up to date guide. Then I’ll migrate over my user settings.

Thanks for the help though, I wouldn’t have realized the mono version was so out of date on my own!


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