UI race condition when re-scanning multiple shows

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Docker
Debug logs: n/a
Description of issue: UI display bug only.


I transcode shows after they have been added to Sonarr (so *.mkv -> *.mp4). Often I’ll just hit Update All, or leave it to the scheduled tasks to notice changes, but recently was doing enough changes to two shows that I manually went into each show and hit the “Update series info and scan disk” button, and noticed this race condition.


  1. Rename files (with the same season and episode numbers) in two shows (file extension is fine, so *.mp4 -> *.m4v is not going to break anything).
  2. Go into show one, and hit the Update button - do not wait for it to finish (although it may want to remove the old files before the next step).
  3. Go into show two, and hit the update button - make sure that all relevant episodes are visible.


The episodes from the first show are added to the second show display - and the second show episodes are not re-added. Show one episode name is displayed as there, but show two episode name is marked as being missing directly next to them.

Reloading the page (whether by navigating or F5 etc) shows the correct data.

Not had enough time to track it down properly, and it’s v2, so probably not relevant to v3 - but if anyone wants to look at it and check etc… :wink:

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