Ubuntu: Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr


**Sonarr version
**Mono version
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
Debug logs:https://pastebin.com/ALCbEwV4
Description of issue:
Using Sonarr with SABnzbd v 2.3.2
My files are downloading correctly, but Sonarr is not able to move them into the correct file location.
I’ve added sonarr to my group which has rwx permissions in the source and destination folders.
I’ve also tried the checking the Set Permissions feature (left as file chmod 0644 and folder chmod 0755)
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you


What user and group is SABnzbd running as? What is its default UMask? If it is running as a different user/group or with a different UMask, you could still have permission problems. Check the user,group, and permissions of the directories and files that SABnzbd is writing.


Thank you for the reply. SABnzbd is running as my user and group (matt/matt).
I’m not super knowledgeable about umasks, but mine is currently 022. Would 002 be more appropriate? From what I’m reading that would allow users in my group to also write data.
I set the folder to pretty wide-open: drwxr-xrwx. Owner and group on that are matt/matt again.
Thank you


I can’t seem to close this but I got it to work by uninstalling and reinstalling, and changing the user and group from sonarr to my own.


007 would be better

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A bit overkill, you could have just changed the Group= and UMask= in the systemd services file for Sonarr and/or SABnzbd (assuming you created one) and then reload the daemon with sudo systemctl daemon-reload followed by systemctl restart sonarr.

While all of my systems (deluge, jackett, radarr, sonarr, lidarr, plex, etc.) have their own users and groups, they are all also members of the mediamgr group, and they all run with Group=mediamgr and UMask=0007 so they can all do their part with the files and directories (and frankly it is easier than a more complicated set up).

Either way, I am glad you got it working :grin:

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