Ubuntu - Files processed and moved to CIFS/SMB share corrupt


I spotted this post from October and thought I would reference it as I am having exactly the same problem.

Ubuntu 16.04
Sabnzbd 2.3.1
CIFS-Utils 2:6.4-1ubuntu1.1

Files appear to be ok and then often crap out halfway through watching.

Aside from debug logs, Is there anything I can try? I have no idea how long this has been going on and fear loads of files are now unusable.

Any help greatly appreciated. I’m at my wits end!

Link to other thread should be below.


Continuing the discussion from Episodes download but are corrupt when played back:


NFS shares do not appear to have this issue, so switching to NFS is likely the best option.

Sonarr will log additional information when it runs into a failed copy and will attempt to copy it again.


Thanks, I will try this. It appears the CIFS/SAMBA is a known issue with mono as opposed to Sonarr?


Yeah. the same issue does not occur under Windows, so it does seem to be with mono.


nfs has solved the problem. Thanks for your help.


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