Ubuntu 19.04 - Access to the path is denied

Sonarr version
Mono version
OS: Ubuntu 19.04
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Imports suddenly stopped working Access to the path is denied.

Just all of a sudden the importing of new downloads from SABnzbd and QBittorent stopped working and I get the Access to the path is denied. error.

I can cut and paste from my user id and from the sonarr user id without any issues.

I haven’t done anything else apart from allowing updates.

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Thanks Markus, I will keep manually moving them until it gets fixed.

Or use the instructions from Downgrade Mono.

Beats the heck out of manually renaming.

Do you have to uninstall Sonarr or when you run sudo apt-get install sonarr it installs over it?

No you don’t

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