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The TVDB API is having massive issues, it is affecting the ability to add series to Sonarr as well as existing shows listed as deleted.

Once the issue is resolved you’ll be able to add series and the health warnings will go away for series that are refreshed.

Ongoing thread at TheTVDB:

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Lol, I just started to copy & paste my post with the link to their site. Simplified things

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@markus101 just to confirm this is nothing to do with legacy SSL support being removed?
tvdb going on about some temporary solution that they can no longer deal with?

Skyhook does not rely on legacy SSL connections to TVDB, so no not related.

The issue is/was TVDB’s API is returning incomplete/invalid data for series.

For example, 30 Rock (TVDB ID 79488) returns this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

When we fetch directly from their v1 API. It does that whether we request or

It returns the same empty result (instead of an error for some mind boggling reason) when the series is legitimately removed (or the ID never existed). If there was some sort of failure to load instead of returning garbage Skyhook would actually keep on going, though things would be out of date due to updates on the site.

Changes to Skyhook will now wait a week between a deletion and Skyhook returning it’s been deleted, that won’t solve the underlying TVDB issues, but it’ll make it less noisy.

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