Tutorial - SO confused on Indexers

I just installed Sonarr and I can’t figure out how to get Indexers to work. Is there a good tutorial on how to configure and use Indexers?

What version is your sonarr?

I am running the latest version on my Mac. <—this one?


Never mind then, I think that latest version of broke something with my indexer.
What indexer are you trying to use?

I guess that is where I am so confused. I don’t know which one(s) I should use and how to get access to them.

I was using DuckieTV but wanted to use something a little better, that was why I am trying Sonarr. I just can’t figure out the Indexer configuration. I tried using RarBG but it keeps failing connection or something like that.

Ok, I have NZBgeek working but I can’t figure out how to configure NZBGet. I don’t know what server name to use in the NZBGet config.

Nzbgeek is an indexer. (Think of it like a search engine) (you still need it but your misunderstanding something)

In nzbget or any usenet app you need a usenet provider.
There are many and some are better than others.
Good one’s are not free.
I was using free-usenet.com (and I paid for it) but they have shutdown.
I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say on here what provider i use (they say something about that on their site and sonarr forums aren’t the best place to discuss)
I could give some advice though :wink:
Do a Google search for “a usenet provider with longest retention” (4000 is a good one)

Nzbgeek gets entered into sonarr to use for search.

Also enter nzbget into sonarr so it can download.

In nzbget you need to set it to access a usenet provider like I talked about in the post above.