Try#2-Wider Vertical scroll bar

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):n/a
OS: win 10
Debug logs: not applicable

Description of issue:
The vertical Scroll bar is IMPOSSIBLY small. I frequently have to remote into my Plex/Sonarr PC to troubleshoot/make changes. When I do this from a PC or my Galaxy Note 10 (huge screen!) I am unable to scroll vertically due to the tiny vertical scrollbar that is FORCED. please enlarge this, and more ideally REMOVE the forced size, please? That way we can customize this to our needs.

Should be a Simple fix, and by the way, I searched and found this mentioned before, but these are both closed: where this was apparently fixed, And this one mentions it:
The strange thing is if I make the window real small, I get my ‘custom scroll bar’ (a chrome extension I tried to fix this problem, AND I tried changing regedit vertical scroll bar size, but that is ignored also!

Sonarr sized too Small window
Sonarr proper ScrollBar 2020-04-15 142100

Sonarr Normal view:

Tried regedit this key: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics This item: WindowSize
to make it huge:


In desktop browsers (at a normal width) a custom scrollbar (through CSS) is used. On mobile the scrollbar comes from the device.

Originally the scrollbar width was half or less the current width, that was changed. At this point we don’t have plans to make changes to it, but you may be able to override the CSS to whatever width you want.

First, thanks for the response svs great work on v3.

I fail to understand… And it seems to me maybe I didn’t get across what I’m seeing, and I’ve gone beyond any typical user to fix.
Look closely at the screen shots and know the shots are from my desktop pc. Is that size intended??? It is a quarter the size of standard windows size… ! And it is even worse when rdp ing from moble to the desktop. I’m not talking about from mobile browser.

My setup is a FHD desktop monitor, with dozens of windows open multitasking. I spend half the time missing the scroll bar and switching contexts to another app or to a host pc. Then imagine rdping into that from a note 10 phone. It is hard enough on the desktop like I described above. From my phone I am forced to pull my stylus out to be able to scroll at all.

I am into automation, showed every trick I could think of. but I don’t know css from xml. At the very minimum point me to where to edit the css and an example on how?
I’m just failing to understand why would the code overrides the default for the scroll bar?? If that truely is needed, then make that an option to turn on /off?
And why, as I showed screen shots- if I make the window insanely small does it revert to windows bar size?? This at least is a bug - no other app or web page changes size to default if you show a couple columns, but if I show all columns then it gets forced to minimize. I’ve exhausted every possibility in my bag of tricks to get around this, and I can’t be alone?

Why diverge from standard practice for a dozen extra pixels to show an extra letter on the screen? ;:sunglasses:

Thanks at least for letting me know if hit a brick wall. Thanks again

No, that’s not a quarter of the standard width, looking at your screenshot of regedit your scrollbar is about 2x the normal width.

Because at that point it assumes you’re on a mobile device and lets the browser handle it.

Sonarr is definitely not the only one that uses a customized scrollbar.

You’ll need to override the CSS or it’d be wiped out every update. Something like TamperMonkey could work, or people use Stylus for custom themes.

I think this should fatten it up:

.OverlayScroller/track/2sDo- {
  width: 20px !important;

You can play with it in your browsers dev tools as well.

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