TrustFailure error connecting to indexers

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Synology
Debug logs:
Description of issue: For about a week or so (it looks like 1342 came out on 9/30 and 1335 on 9/29; not sure if one of them did it) Sonarr can’t seem to connect to Radarr is working. Sonarr says it’s at the latest version. I have reinstalled Sonarr and it still fails.

Update mono’s certs

This is the let’s encrypt root cert expiration; not a sonarr caused issue exactly

Thanks for such a quick reply, @bakerboy448. I did see some trails about mono certs in my googling the problem, but with Radarr working and Sonarr not (and both, presumably using the same mono), I wasn’t sure where the problem was.

Radarr should be on .net not mono; if you’re still on the mono version of radarr you are either super out of date or ignoring a healthcheck about it

certs sync command should get you squared away hopefully

I guess if Radarr was using mono it would be broken as well; that makes sense. I am not so sure what the certs sync command is. certs doesn’t appear to be installed on Synology anyway. I’ll keep digging, but if you have any pointers on how to upgrade the cert that would be great.

you’d be best to reach out to the various synology specific community support routes that exist