Trouble managing downloads when library is offsite?


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It seems as if my frontend is a bit laggy or slow with my setup. I download with SABNZBD (same machine) and let sonarr handle importing cleanup renaming etc. My library is a rclone mounted gdrive folder to where sonarr directly imports.
I made the observation, that not only my “Activity->Queue” is not up to date in realtime (which is what i am used to), it also has a rather huge delay and/or wrong information. This doesn’t bog me much but sometimes it results in failure to do another search when my download has initially failed.

I try to give you an example of my experience so far:
I just downloaded a season of a show. While sabnzbd quickly downloads it AND gets its queue cleaned up nicely by sonarr, the Activity queue in sonarr is stuck. In the logfiles i could find that sonarr seems to be freezing when moving a file. I mean, not freezing it just does not [move] parallel but rather sequentially to other tasks i suppose. This continues for the next episodes too. It imports files, cleans sabnzbds finished downloads but is itself stuck in the activity queue. Sometimes the activity queue shows an error “cannot find the file for importing, folder empty” or something similar. Thats because the folder is long gone and was long before moved already and successfully imported by sonarr. Its like sonarr tricks itself :smiley:
Now sometimes this results in failure to follow up on failed downloads. Sonarr just won’t look for other releases then, which is the main problem. I don’t have logs for that right now, sorry.

After the whole season is downloaded, and everything cleaned at sabnzbd, sonarr clears in an instant its queue too. I don’t know why it just happened at the end, but it just does. I tried to work through the tasks manually while sabnzbd would still have a full queue, but this did not refresh the activity queue of sonarr too.

This behaviour started when i added the offsite library.
Do you have any ideas on that?



The queue is updated every minute (approximately), but at that time anything waiting to be imported is imported, so if that takes minutes, the whole process will take that long. At the same time failed downloads are dealt with, so a slow import can slow that whole process down. There is a GHI on github to see about splitting that out, but it’s not a high priority.


Thanks for the quick reply.
In my case though, it is remarkable that the whole Activity queue is frozen until the whole queue is worked through in sabnzb and finished (not only a single DL at a time). Like, if i have 10 downloads, the queue will not change a bit until all 10 downloads are worked through in the background.
Somewhere inbetween, sonarr forgets about the failed downloads and does not refresh those, even after the activity queue is updated in the end.
(btw Activity-> history gets updated instantly)


That’s what I mean by anything waiting to be imported is imported (whether it’s 1 or 100) they all import and the queue updates at the end.

Off hand I don’t recall if those are processed before the imports, but it’s before the queue refreshes.

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