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I am just trying sonarr to move my downloaded TV series files to the correct serie folder from the downloaded folder in which transmission places the download files. Also wanted it to rename those moved files.
This is my transmission config in sonnar
I configured with category prueba, and I read that should make a folder inside the downloaded folder of transmission, but I can not see that folder there.

Also wanted to know if I can search for TV shows in another language, like for example I was able in sickbeard or sickrage.

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Transmission will create when Sonarr tells it to use that folder as part of the path when it sends a download to it. Otherwise you can create it manually and any torrents in Transmission in that folder Sonarr will see.

No, this is mentioned in the FAQ.


It seems that transmission didn’t create that folder, I did manually but I think sonarr is not processing the downloaded files.

Is it any plan, to integrate multiple languages in sonarr? Sickbeard is also using thetvdb but when I choose the language it can also find the TV show.

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Like I said, it will when a torrent is told to use that folder.

Sonarr won’t just start processing files from there, they need to be in Transmission, in that folder and finished downloading in order for Sonarr to inport them.

At some point yes.


They are currently in that folder, they are in transmission, and already finished, but sonarr is not processing them


In Transmission they are pointed to that folder as well?

Trace logs will show the response from Transmission and all the details. Enable trace logging then restart Sonarr. That’ll give the most information when it processes it the first time.



Here is my trace:

It seems it is giving me an error which sonarr can not find data inside my directory although the data is inside:

Any idea?

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That’s an error with Transmission.

According to transmission the download path is "downloadDir":"/mnt/media/descargas_sin_clasificar", which is wrong if the files are in a prueba sub folder.



Once I saw that, I changed the files to that location as you can see on my pwd.

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Not sure what you mean. Is transmission pointing to the correct folder?


Yes, it is pointing to the correct one, also, it seems that it have some difficulties identifying some episodes.

Apart from these issues, I will need to go with sickrage or any other fork of sickbeard, as this does not recognize other language, at the moment, I think sonarr is very limited because of this. Once it changes to other recognition languages I will give it a try again. Please consider on solving this as sickbeard and third party forks did.

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