TorrentBlackhole: How are magnet links not supported exactly?


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Docker Image linuxserver/sonarr
Description of issue:

The TorrentBlackhole edit dialog shows the static message “Magnet links are not supported.”. But how exactly are magnet links not supported? There is the switch “Save Magnet Files” in the same dialog and I can confirm that it works fine with the TorrentBlackhole.


Old warning message, but magnet links will depend on the consuming client.


Your definition of “Works fine with the TorrentBlackhole” isn’t entirely true… All the black hole is is a dump folder… MY client (RTorrent) does not support magnet files… it just does nothing with them…

So i have to run a small VBS file to convert them in to torrent files.


Yeah, sure, your client has to support those files. But that is nothing that Sonarr can control. So from Sonarr’s point of view everything works fine.


There are no magnet files. They are magnet links and they tell the torrent client where to get the torrent file. rtorrent does support magnet links.


When Sonarr saves a magnet link to the blackhole, it puts it in a file with a .magnet extension. Those are not supported by rTorrent.


Ah, ok. I see what you’re saying. Nevermind then.


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