Title slug conflict between ‘Roots' and ‘Roots’

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OS Ubuntu 20.04:
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There are 2 different roots titles, 1 from 2020 and one from 1977, I can’t add one if the other one is in my system as it gives the slug conflict. Please could you make a change in skyhook in order to override the generated slug?:

This should be fixed on TVDB not skyhook.

TVDB rules are the second series should have the year in its name (and thus in the slug)

You will likely need a ticket and then wait for them to eventually fix it

I saw this discussion where it happened:

Title slug conflict between ‘North and South’ and ‘North & South’ - Help & Support - sonarr :: forums

@markus101 are you able to help here?

Those were two different names technically- TVDB just doesn’t treat &/and as the same series

So I have to wait for TVDB to fix? There is no way of adding an exception?