This Thing Is Amazing! #Late2Party


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): Windows 10
Debug logs:N/A
Description of issue: non-really

Hey Guys, I know I’m late to the Sonarr party, I asked a friend how I can have things automatically download when released and this is what he recommended! I’m definitely going to send a donation (please get a better donation page that allows for paypal! credit card… hmmmm.)

Anyways I just want to thank everyone who works on this project it is exactly what I was looking for, I am using utorrent, and my issue is probably with utorrent but I figured Id send my thanks and a small question here while Im at it.

With very little management I am able to have Sonarr get my shows from a simple RARBG site (I will install Jackett and configure for other sites) However, the only issue I am having right now is utorrent releasing the seeding after download completes to initiate the “finished” status.

Once the utorrent status is set top “finished” sonarr is able to delete the torrent and files from the download directory after copying them to the required location.

Issue: I cannot get the utorrent client to register a “finished” status unless I manually initiate a stop command on the seeding download. I have set my UL limit ratio to 1 as well the Min seeding time to 1 min, however it never seems to automatically initiate the “finished” status automatically.

Question: is there another similar torrent client I should use that is easier to configure with Sonarr? I’ve used utorrent for almost my entire life so switching would be weird but I can. I do want to seed, however I just want Sonarr to be able to delete the files after copying to the destination…

Its not a huge deal I can manually check the downloads directory or go into utorrent and just issue a stop on all completed downloads. BUT I figured I would say THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who made this software and a HELLO!!! :slight_smile:

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