TheMovieDB added under links

I’d like to see when you click on a show on your main page and mouseover links an option for TheMovieDB and not just TheTVDB, Trakt, TV Maze and IMBD.

In the meantime, before you get an official response you can try the script linked below by Bunta. It works great and you can add as many custom options as you wish. I have personally edited the script to my liking.

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Thanks for that. I’ll have a look and maybe a run at it.


I see it’s on Greasy Fork, nice.

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Yea script is straight forward. You might have to make a few changes to the code here and there depending on the websites that you wanna link but yea the script has saved me alot. I suggest you duplicate it one for radarr and another for sonarr. Let me know if you need any help.

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