The Young And The restless Season 47

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Window 10
Debug logs:Not exactly a Sonarr problem
Description of issue: “The Scene” and the TVDB are at odds again

Sonarr and the TVDB are in lockstep for the new season, but the torrents are showing up incorrectly. Monday was supposed to be S47E1 but that episode arrived as S46E254. Both show episode number 11763. Tuesday’s Episode 11764 was released as S47E1.

This isn’t Sonarr’s fault, but it seems to happen often enough. For now, I am manually renaming the episodes to import them, but I haven’t a clue who to contact about fixing the releases.

TVDB link

That would need a mapping on, this is probably going to be messy going forward as everything will be off by one.

This is beyond my skillset. does not currently list the show. My best hope is that someone who can do something about it does something, else I’ll be doing a daily renaming ritual!


The IMDB was wrong, and has just been repaired. I attempted a series refresh in SONARR but it doesn’t update Series 47, although it now shows two episodes of absolute number 11763 as the final episode of S46 as well as the first episode of S47, which has been corrected on the TVDB. I guess I should give it propagation time!

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