The Challenge wrong mapping

Sonarr version (exact version): by sonarr
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): 6.12.0
OS: Unraid version 6.9.2
Debug logs:
Description of issue: * Multiple seasons of The Challenge not downloading because of the following error: “The Challenge matches an alias for series with TVDB ID: 420765”

I don’t think I need the logs for this since it’s just mapping the series incorrectly. But if I do need to post them please let me know and I will try and get them and post them here.

I have “The Challenge” (TVDB ID: 70870) monitored on Sonarr, but for some reason Season 20 and Season 21 (all of their episodes) are giving me the above error “The Challenge matches an alias for series with TVDB ID: 420765”. (it’s possible other Seasons are doing this, these are just the 2 I’m looking at right now). The TVDB ID 420765 matches “The Challenge: USA” which is a different series. Both of these TV Shows are still airing (though The Challenge is between seasons right now, while The Challenge: USA is currently coming out with its first season).
What can I do to have this mapped correctly? They have different names, which I thought was the main issue with TV Shows with similar names and throwing this error (this error seems to happen a lot with two different TV shows that are from two different countries).

I tried adding “The Challenge: USA” to Sonarr, but the error just changed to “Wrong series” on Season 20 Episode 1 for “The Challenge”.

This will be fixed when the cache expires in less than an hour.

Gosh now I feel stupid. All I had to do was wait and it fixed itself.
Thank you!

Naw, your post prompted the fix, just wasn’t live when I replied.