Telegram Notification working only over wifi not 4g

Sonarr Ver.
Windows 10:
Windows 10:
Debug logs:
The alert for download complete or episode grabbed only comes when i am connected to the local wifi but fails when i am using mobile internet. Is there a setting which is doing that because earlier i was able to get the notification on Telegram on both wifi and 4g

No, there shouldn’t be anything you need to do. It’s definitely not an option in Sonarr’s settings, and I don’t see that as something that would need to be set in the request to their API.

There haven’t been recent changes to this in Sonarr either. Not sure if there is a app level setting for that or it’s some sort of data/battery saving at work on the device.

Maybe you have only allowed wifi but disabled the usage of data for that specific app on your mobile device?

I dont think there is any setting I could have disabled because i am still getting messages from other chats in telegram.

How can i check if that is the case. Could you guide me where this setting would be?

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