Taskmaster set to wrong time

Sonarr version: by linuxserver.io
Mono version:
OS: unraid
Description of issue:
Taskmaster shows up on the calendar 5 hours later than it should (Friday 2am, instead of Thursday 9pm). From what I can tell all the sources (The TVDB, Trakt and TV Maze) all say Thursday 9pm so I don’t know where Sonarr is getting this 2am time from. This doesn’t happen with any other show, they all display their correct time


Air times are based on your location + the timezone of the network, since that series is getting the network of YouTube, it’s using EDT for the timezone. YouTube is probably wrong, but that’ll need to be fixed by TheTVDB via a support issue there.

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Ahhh, that explains it - thanks :slight_smile:

TheTVDB lists 3 networks, Dave, YouTube and Channel 4. Is there a way to choose which one Sonarr gets its info from on this end? Or does TheTVDB api simply declare “YouTube” as the network when polled?

Their API only returns one.

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The network on TheTVDB seems to apply on a per-episode basis (so YouTube is coming from the extras on the Taskmaster YouTube channel, which are entered as special episodes). Bizarrely, the air time - which is far more likely to vary - is only settable for the entire series. I’d suggest taking up this sort of nonsense with TheTVDB, but based on past experience there’s absolutely no chance they care.

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