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Long time user of Sonarr, but I would like to start using TAGS withing Sonarr, so that I only get certain releases downloaded.

I want to set up a restriction/filter for certain TV shows to only download releases containing AMZN.

When I set up a restriction under INDEXERS, I put AMZN in MUST CONTAIN, but I can’t enter anything in the TAGS field.

When I add an TAG of AMZN to a TV show, it always reverts to “amzn”.

I have restrictions set up in Radarr, to omit DTS-X and 3D movies, and they work well, so I would have thought Sonarr was very similar.

I think I am misunderstanding the setup, so what should I be doing please?



Do you click Save immediately after entering anything in the tags field? Try pressing tab or click somewhere else before clicking Save.

Also, restrictions/tags are not case-sensitive to the best of my knowledge.


Hi Thirrian. Thanks for replying.

I enter AMZN in the TAGS field of a show, then press enter for it to be accepted, then press save to SAVE the edit.

If I click anywhere else before pressing enter, then nothing appears in the TAGS field. Am I right that I have to press enter after typing the TAG?

With regards to the case sensitivity, it says in the following when adding a RESTRICTION on the INDEXERS page:

“The release must contain at least one of these terms (case insensitive)”

It says that for both the “Must Contain” and “Must Not Contain” fields. Is that just for RESTRICTIONS, or TAGS as well?

I thought RESTRICTIONS applied to everything, whereas a TAG was specific to a show, so am I wrong?



I’m able to add a tag to a restriction.

Tags are always lower case (and always have been).

Tags are how you link a restriction to a specific series (otherwise it applies to all series). AFAIK Radarr is the exact same except for their poorly named preferred tags feature which is different.

PS Use backticks, tildes or another form of emphasis instead of caps, it’s less jarring and less yelling.


Doesn’t a restriction apply to everything and a tag only to specific a TV show?

I still can’t enter anything into the tags field of a restriction. I can type in the field, but pressing enter, or just saving does nothing (I can’t add a tag to my current restrictions in Radarr either).

OK, if tags are always lowercase, that’s fine, but in the restrictions page, it says they are case-sensitive, so I assumed that meant tags as well.

If I add a tag to multiple TV shows, it does show up on the tags page and shows how many shows are using it.

So what am I doing wrong? Perhaps nothing and it’s just that the releases with my tag in aren’t available when Sonarr searches.

PS. I used caps as that was the only way of empathising text when using my phone and not knowing the correct “code”, so apologies if you thought it was yelling, but it wasn’t.


An untagged restriction applies to everything, one with a tag only applies to series with the same tag.

It says Must Contain and Must Not Contain are case insensitive. Tags are just a link.

Besides conflating tags and restrictions I’m not sure. If you have a tag on a series already you should be able to add that same one to a restriction.


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