System: [Disk Space] takes forever to load with lots of btrfs formated drives


Can you move the [Disk Space] to a separate menu so it is not on the system menu. When i try to do shutdown or restart i have to wait for like 10 minutes or more i gave up waiting, while it calculates free disk space.

This should be on a sub menu or a button we can click if we need to see it.

Im not sure why it takes so long to run on many drives that are formatted btrfs you may need to look at coding it so it works better on btrfs…

i use the drives individually and do not raid them i have them under mergerfs to make one large drive. I do this so each drive maintains its own directory.

When i had ext4 drives the disk space ran very fast. There may be a problem with how it talks to btrfs.


ok I tried radarr and it went faster. So i clicked refresh on sonarr and it finally finished. It may be hanging because one indexer is unavailable.
i disabled the failing indexer and now it reads the drives disk space as it should.

the way the dots moved when it was hanging it seemed like it was calculating disk space instead of trying to talk to an indexer. you might look at making it more clear where it is hanging.

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