Synology Download Station file handling options

So, it appears that with Sonarr, the files are downloaded to a holding area, and then Sonarr copy’s them to library, leaving the file to be seeded on torrent.
This is generally fine, but Synology’s Download Station, the torrents are already cached in a “temporary location”. This is where the download is held until complete, then copied to “saved location”. At that time the torrent then continues until seeding requirements are met (if any)

With Sonarr, that means I have 3 copies of the file on disks, and once the download completes, the “holding” location I have for Sonarr is left with the file that is in the library, wasting space.

Id like to request an option for download station client to Move file instead of copy, as this will keep the disk space free, and save on writes to disk. The file as Sonarr sees it no longer has anything to do with the Torrent client so does not need to be left in place.



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