Sync in sleep mode

**Sonarr version
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: win 10 home
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just moved from mac to windows pc now on the mac i would leave it powered on and allow it to put itself in to sleep mode in this mode radarr and sonarr would still sync throughout the night and grab any available downloads.

i am doing the same with windows pc allowing it to go in to sleep mode but sonarr and radarr dont seem to be syncing when in sleep mode but fire back in when i wake the pc.

Is syncing in sleep mode an available option in windows 10 home?

Sleep mode in Windows basically suspends all applications / activity and keeps their state in memory, to be able to resume “instantly”. Nothing will run.

I suspect this is fundamentally different from your mac (I have no experience with them), which sounds more like “the screen is turned off” and maybe the CPU enters a low-power mode to conserve some energy?

Ok makes sense thanks for reply it was actually sleep mode on the mac but as you say probably a low power mode. So best option for windows seems to be screen off i just didn’t want to hear the fan running so much on my all in one pc as it is in a bedroom.