Suggestions for automatic moving of a show

First let me say I love Sonarr.

15 years ago I created a program for windows that would do exactly what Sonarr does. My program used scripting addons with editor to allow making changes to how files were handled via different sites, etc.

One suggestion that I am used to with my program:
Allow automatic moving of a show to another root path when a show is canceled. As an example, if a show you have stored in “C:\Current Shows” is canceled, it will automatically be moved to another globally set up drive:path set up like “D:\Canceled Shows” after a set number of days.

Another suggestion, you can change the path of a show in the web app, but you can not move the show. If I decide to move a show from “C:\Current Shows” to “D:\Canceled Shows”, I have to manually move it then go into the web app and change the path.

You can move a show after changing its path using the Web UI. Click on “Preview Rename” at the top of the show’s page, and it will show you the changes that will be made to the file names and paths, then if you click “Organize” it will move them.

I’m not quite sure how you moved the files and structure using the interface. I have tried selecting “Edit Series”, changed the path to a new path i wish the series to go to, saved it. Then I clicked on “Preview Rename for all episodes” and nothing showed for changes.

I Manually moved all the files to the new location, then go into the series in sonarr and “Edit Series” and changed the path to the current and its fine. The key here is I’m looking for a simpler way to “Move” the files through the interface without manually moving them myself.

Actually I just discovered that in v3 when you change the path it offers right there and then to move the files for you. But I was sure I’d done it before in v2 with the Preview Rename dialog. I guess I must be misremembering.

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