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Mono Version :
OS : Ubuntu
Description of issue:

Nzb is grabbed and send to NZBget. Download finished, and see that the renamer has done it’s job because the new episode is moved to the Plex media folder as it should. Plex is updated, and NZBget shows success. Somehow Sonarr skipped this part and the episode is marked with " * No files found are eligible for import in /home/openflixr/downloads/complete/tv/Hawaii.Five-0.2010.S09E02.HDTV.x264-KILLERS". This is correct as they have been moved to the final destination folder. (Status was 100% downloaded, but marked as processed)

So, what happened here? And how can I remove it from the activity list (or will it be removed automatically)? I see the option to remove it from the download list in the download client, but that is not what needs to be done here.

DownloadedEpisodesImportService Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /home/openflixr/downloads/complete/tv/Hawaii.Five-0.2010.S09E02.HDTV.x264-KILLERS 11:42
RssSyncService RSS Sync Completed. Reports found: 300, Reports grabbed: 0 11:41
DownloadDecisionMaker Processing 300 releases 11:41
RssSyncService Starting RSS Sync 11:41
SceneMappingService Updating Scene mappings 11:31
RssSyncService RSS Sync Completed. Reports found: 1871, Reports grabbed: 1 11:26
DownloadService Report sent to NZBget. Hawaii.Five-0.2010.S09E02.HDTV.x264-KILLERS 11:26
Nzbget Adding report [Hawaii.Five-0.2010.S09E02.HDTV.x264-KILLERS ] to the queue. 11:26

EDIT: Interesting fact: In the series, I did a “Update series info and scan disk”. What happened next is that the episode now is marked as downloaded (in the series page), but still marked as monitored, and remains in the Activity list with 0B/432Mb downloaded.

Something is fishy here …


No idea, without debug logs we can’t see what Sonarr tried to do before the file was moved.

Removing it from NZBget’s history so Sonarr stops seeing it as finished/ready to import.

Something imported the file, either it was Sonarr and between the move finishing and the file being linked to the episode it crashed/was restarted/forgot it moved it (which would be extremely rare) or something else imported it and Sonarr had not idea it was there until the disk was rescanned (which it would have done eventually).

As it should be, importing doesn’t unmonitor it.

0 or 432Mb left? Otherwise it’d still need to be downloaded.

Unless Sonarr imports the file and has a record of it in history it will think the file wasn’t imported and even though it sees the file now it has no way to know that the file that appeared in the series folder was the one from that download.


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