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Funny thing. The Boys, second season, just started. According to TheTVDB, the first three episodes were available as of this morning. According to Sonarr, episodes 1, 2 and 4 are, whereas episode 3 is airing in a week…

Why is the information incorrect?

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I noticed that too. Any idea where sonarr gets the data for episodes from? It could be an issue with the tvdb api again.

Thetvdb, combined with thexem if applicable, and up to 24 hours delay due to various caches, unless thetvdb screwed something up again with their api.

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I’m going to guess that sonarr won’t auto-rename the file when it updates the show with the new episode name

Rename isn’t necessary. The correct three episodes were downloaded in the end. It’ll probably not be a problem because Sonarr will keep trying for missing episodes, so number 4 will download in a week after which the calendar is corrected anyway… unless it’s screwed up again.

Fact remains that this is strange and shouldn’t happen so I was curious as to the cause.

It started off listed correctly, then it changed to what was posted in OP, and now it has reverted back to being correct. Was probably edits being made in the TVDB that happened to sync across.

I concur that it is now fixed on this show. Your assumption would be puzzling though; when I forced Sonarr to refresh when TVDB was already correct, as written in my first post, Sonarr did not change at that time. I would not expect a delay as that would mean for Sonarr to have a copy of the entire TVDB, right?

Anyways, on my end all’s well now. If Sonarr devs want to take a look at this, they might find something after all :wink:

Ever since I added The Boys, mine just shows season with episode 1 as TBA and no other episodes.
All other programs work properly. I didn’t realize it was only mine that wasn’t working.
How do I fix this?

Oh, and I’m using version on Windoze 7

There’s skyhook in between TVDB and Sonarr and that can introduce up to 24hr sync delay between changes. Multiple changes can result in multiple delays depending on when the sync happens. TVDB needs to be the first checkpoint as it is the source, but it is skyhook that ultimately dictates what Sonarr sees.

So nothing for the devs to look at, was just sync delays.

Since it’s a brand new add, first thing I’d try is just remove and re-add show. Additionally, you may want to create your own topic since yours is a separate issue from what was originally being discussed. Especially now this thread has been marked as solved.

Actually, it was added months ago. I thought it was an issue with retrieving information from TVDB.
But deleting and adding it fixed the problem.

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