Stop Seeding (Synology downloader)

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Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: docker
Debug logs:
Description of issue: A show is adding to downloader, then seeding. How do I stop it seeding.

Worth nothing that Download Station is Set to 0 and Ignore, so not happening there.

Sonarr doesn’t stop things from seeding, it’s up to your download client.

ok, but sonarr is adding this to the downloader and its only one that ends in a seeding state, so why is it different than the other items which get added and run normally.

Its not like it happened once either, once I ended the seed, and removed it from the download manager, it was added again, downloaded again and starting seeding.

Does sonarr ask it to seed always, so it is a broken client, or does sonarr have the ability to ask certain items to seed? Or can the link from the torrent aggregator, ask for a seed to happen?

Sonarr does not manage seeding.

Does the subsequent add show up in Sonarr’s history?

Sonarr is only going to add things again if the episode is still monitored and there isn’t a file in the series folder for it.

At most Sonarr will set the seeding limit, it won’t tell a torrent it previous added to start up again nor does an indexer tell Sonarr to tell the client to start seeding, pretty sure nothing does that.

So how can I control this, or where does it get this information from?

Indexer settings.

So I setup them all to 0 for ratio and time To try and get a handle on this (as default is use indexer, which has not settings, and on the actual downloader, its always been set to not seed). Yet its still happening, any other idea’s?

No I don’t.