Still cannot add a French show without English TVDB ID


Started testing V3 and so far, very nice.
My issue (for a VERY long time) has been adding French TV shows. And the issue was that if the show doesn’t exist in English as well, it was impossible to add one that only has a French TVDB ID.
So disappointed that seems to still be the case in V3…

Here is an example: TVDB:336511

There was an opened issue (2015 I think) that ended up dying I guess…
Would this still be be a possibility?
I presume this applied to any other language (that don’t have an English TVDB ID)

I have seen the FAQ but not sure why is not worked on still…


I would also like to see this option. Just setting the tvdb language an a foreign tv show. Been a request multiple times, but issue seems to get locked/not giving any priority.
This is for me the only thing still missing in Sonarr since I left Sickbeard (which had this)


This has been ongoing for a long time and I think it won’t see the light of day any time soon because I think we are a minority. I have since just found an alternative which is using sickrage for my foreign content in my case is French.


ok, I found the way to make it work…
Since Sonarr only look for English shows in TVDB, if the show is in only the other language (french in my case), I simply need to add an English translation of the show in TVDB… I tested it for the show mentioned above (336511) and Sonarr got it…

Didn’t think contributing to TVDB was that simple…

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